Who are we?

We are a group of passionate programmers that code mainly for the fun of it. We love the craft and do it solely to provide something fun or useful for the consumers while also staying true to the love of Open Source software. The users should be the ends, not the means. We do not wish to exploit the users like EA or other AAA companies. All projects are uploaded to github and thus all users have full access to the source code which brings two distinc advantages; 1st the users get full insight into the inner workings of the software, 2nd the users can contribute and enhance their own experience of the software.

Our Projects

The Team

Serenity's Avatar

Initial Creator
I initially created the group and created the first projects.

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L33t H4xx0r
Sensei of all coders. Knows anything you ask him about.

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Loves chess, math and other complicated, mathematical things.